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"Our reputation for honesty and integrity is one of our most valuable assets. Our core ethics, values and attention to detail have propelled us to become an industry leader. We take great pride in maintaining strong relationships with our customers, suppliers and the communities in which we do business." - Message from the CEO.

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We believe in a top notch customer experience and hence we provide one. For support, it is best to email us your query and we will respond within 24 hours. However if the matter can not wait please feel free to call our customer support line at +91-79-26302446 between 11 AM and 7 PM Indian Standard Time.

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Development Services

Mansi Engineering empowers industry and inventors with a wide spectrum of engineering design, development and manufacturing services under one roof. We work with clients on various required phases of product development life cycle such as concept, planning, design, implementation, certification support, production and management. Our team brings in extensive experience from various fields and we are truly a bunch of highly energetic technology geeks who got organized and got together.

Electronic, machining, mould making and plastic moulding resources are within our group minimize third party dependence resulting in speed and precision. Located in India, we work at outsourced rates and clients range from individuals who wish to convert their dream projects into working prototypes, to companies that want production grade results.

We take pride in our team’s deep commitment and passion to build great products and have established over the past years reputable international clientele in Automotive, Health, MotorSports, Power and Marine fields.

Therefore if you are looking for any of the following services contact us today:

Electronic Development

Electronic Design & Development Mansi Engineering specializes in full life-cycle Electronic design and development services. Till date, our team of engineers have developed cutting edge technologies in the fields of control, instrumentation, power and automotive electronics. We work with innovative companies, helping them with new product development and existing product optimization by way of incorporating emerging technologies.

Product Development

Product DevelopmentMansi Engineering's world class electronics, software, machining and molding facilities and expertise allows it to offer a turn key product development service, saving time and money for the client.

Software Development

Software DevelopmentMansi Engineering offers specialized and customized software application development while combining infrastructure services, middleware and packaged applications to target business problems faced by companies. Our team realizes that in today's competitive market, software projects must be successful. Companies can't afford cost overruns, missed delivery dates, and cancelled projects and poor quality results. Therefore, our ready infrastructure and expertise enables us to deliver within customer's budget, while ensuring that the process is finished right on schedule.

Plastic Molding

Plastic MoldingMansi Engineering offers the most comprehensive Injection and Blow Molding of critical components composed of engineering plastics and ploymers. Equipped with the latest automatic (Microprocessor controlled) machines with auxiliary equipment such as hopper, drier and mold temperature controller, superior accuracy and finishing can be achieved. The industries that we serve are office equipment, FMCG goods, Electronics, Chemical and Automobile.

Machining Services

Machining ServicesMansi Engineering utilizes state-of-the-art CNC Machines and CAD/CAM Software to provide high quality machining of variety of metals and plastics. CNC is the best choice for high precision and good surface finish.

Enterprise Level IT Solution

Enterprise Level IT SolutionMansi Engineering offers complete IT Infrastructure setup and management services tailored to solve client problems by combining in-house and third party software and data center services. We realize that companies today need a robust, fail-safe, secure, functional, redundant and scalable solution to run business in smooth, organized and competitive fashion. Our services and best partnerships with reliable and certified third party software providers and data centers enable us to deploy solutions in short periods saving time and money for the client.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract ManufacturingIndia, with its low cost labor and man power is an ideal ground for contract manufacturing and BPO services. Mansi Engineering's location, engineering expertise and scalable infrastructure makes it an ideal company for such services.
ISO Certifications
Mansi Engineering is committed to making fanatic efforts to enforce and sustain quality via employee integrity, robust technology, documented processes and great customer support
Development Cycle Planning:
* Professional Consultation
* Scope definition
* Requirements and challenges
* Cost and completion date analysis
* Equipment Assessment
* Audit/Compliance Support
* Certification Support
Development Cycle Design:
* Requirements Analysis
* Design Specs
* Proof of Concept
* Project Management
* RFP Planning
* Risk Assessment
* Integration Plan Development
* Continuity / Recovery Planning
Development Cycle Development:
* Configuration Setup
* Integration
* Modeling
* Prototyping
* Testing
* Certification
* Documentation
Development Cycle Securing:
* Policy Planning
* Risk Assessment
* Security Audit
Development Cycle Deploying / Manufacturing:
* Process Design and Verification
* Test Protocol Specs
* Quality Assurance
* Packaging and Shipping Process Planning
* Personnel Training
Development Cycle
* Customer Support Process Planning
* Feedback and Fault Analysis
* Continuous Product Improvement
Development Cycle Managing:
* Management Process Planning
* Personnel Training