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Electronic Design & Development Services

Electronic Design and Development ServiceWe carry extensive experience in designing and building fine pitched SMT electronic parts and embedded software, right from specifications to working or production grade prototypes. Till date our team has developed custom electronic digital equipment, devices, test benches, calibration systems and controllers for a number of reputable international clients in automotive, instrumentation, control and power areas. Moreover, having built relationship with a number of global and local part suppliers over several years our team can build and deliver fail safe, fault tolerant parts in reasonably short time. We work with innovative companies, helping them with new product development and existing product optimization by way of incorporating emerging technologies.  

We also offer certification support for product compliance for various countries through a tried and tested network of testing laboratories.

Digital Systems:

  • PCI Bus Interfacing
  • USB, Bluetooth, IR communications
  • Memory Card Interfacing (FAT file system)
  • WLAN, GSM, WCDMA based systems
  • Audio / Video Signal Processing, codecs and standards (JPEG, MPEG)
  • LCD, EL Backlighting, touch screen interfacing


  • Customized equipment controllers, PLC elimination
  • Sensor interfacing and transducer design
  • Sensing Amplifiers
    • 4-20 mA / 0.5-4.5V systems (pressure, temperature, weight, strain, proximity)
    • Thermocouple, RTD interface
    • Accelerometers, motion sensors interface
  • Data logging systems
  • Needle gauges and other display systems
  • Data visualization and analysis software

Power Electronics:

  • Battery Chargers
  • Power Supplies (Linear and Switched Mode)
  • Power measurement and characterization
  • Invertors and Alternators
  • DC-DC convertors
  • Motor control
  • Transformers and magnetics design
  • Harmonic Cancellers

The following figure is a typical electronic development process:

Electronic Development Process

Schematic and Board Design

Schematic and Board Design

Our team has full PCB design and analysis turnkey hardware capabilities. Our boards go upto 10 layers/5 mil isolation design, incorporating dense and closely placed component layouts. Our team is well versed with PCB design intricacies such as routing constraints with high speed buses, memories and clock lines.

  • Schematic DesignPCB Design
  • FPGA / CPLD Requirements Definition
  • Pin-wise signal character documentation
  • Worst case signal condition analysis
  • Net-wise routing property analysis and setup
  • Noise and EMI Analysis and characterization
  • Test Points setup
  • PCB Layout and Verification
    • In-house PCB design - DFM/DFT
    • High-speed board design, Signal integrity, EMI                   
  • Power Supplies, Cabling

Embedded Software Development

Embedded Software Development  We offer a high level of turn-key system level embedded Software development for consumer hand held devices such as Mobile Phones, PDA, Imaging Devices and other devices for Networks, Servers and Defense applications. Other services include driver development for various OS platforms (Windows, WINCE, LINUX, VxWorks), Board Support Packages, Porting Protocol Stacks, Porting OS and GUI applications development.  

Supported Architectures: 

  • Intel x86, MCS 51, IXPxxxx, PXAxxx
  • ARM
  • MIPS
  • Microchip PIC
  • NetSilicon NS9xxx

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Development Cycle Planning:
* Professional Consultation
* Scope definition
* Requirements and challenges
* Cost and completion date analysis
* Equipment Assessment
* Audit/Compliance Support
* Certification Support
Development Cycle Design:
* Requirements Analysis
* Design Specs
* Proof of Concept
* Project Management
* RFP Planning
* Risk Assessment
* Integration Plan Development
* Continuity / Recovery Planning
Development Cycle Development:
* Configuration Setup
* Integration
* Modeling
* Prototyping
* Testing
* Certification
* Documentation
Development Cycle Securing:
* Policy Planning
* Risk Assessment
* Security Audit
Development Cycle Deploying / Manufacturing:
* Process Design and Verification
* Test Protocol Specs
* Quality Assurance
* Packaging and Shipping Process Planning
* Personnel Training
Development Cycle
* Customer Support Process Planning
* Feedback and Fault Analysis
* Continuous Product Improvement
Development Cycle Managing:
* Management Process Planning
* Personnel Training